About Menoni

Founded in 1929 in Milan, Menoni rapidly established itself as a leading company in the creation and manufacture of fashion jewellery components.

For more than 85 years

the Garotta family, has lead the group, preserving the virtues that represent the most important values to pass on to future generations: a passion for work, commitment, high quality and dedication to their customers.
Always keeping an open mind to the latest developments, Menoni has been consistently modernised.

Investment in R & D has been continuous: frequent small improvements, making targeted choices to achieve the right balance of expertise and technology, always aiming to create Italian products of high quality, dedicated primarily to the fashion jewellery and accessory markets.

International fashion

Although it has established itself as an important player in international fashion, Menoni is equally successful in other fields: goldsmithing, accessories and trims for bags and shoes, suitcases, chandeliers, gifts, buttons and cords in a variety of colours and materials.

Menoni holds approximately 3000 items in stock. Extensive customization is available thanks to high quality galvanization which is strictly nickel-free: the customer is free to choose both colours and shades.

Bespoke products and services are also available, thanks to Menoni’s experience in technology, processing and engraving.

Every year

brings new collections: Menoni design anticipates fashion trends to offer new lines, materials and colours providing the customer with the time needed to develop their own creations.

Alongside the new lines Menoni’s "evergreen" products are real jewellery icons which never suffer from the vagaries of fashion and which have helped to build the history of the group.

From small businesses are born great things.