MENONI Manufacturing

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Menoni has developed advanced technical skills for the production of complex shapes, tooling and surface treatments.

MENONI MANUFACTURING are now offering their expertise to those industries which require modern and innovative solutions such as: design, fashion, furniture, jewellery, precision and mechanical engineering in general.

Services offered

Tool making

Wire forming


Personalisation and surface marking

Tool Making Service

MENONI MANUFACTURING can provide a complete service: feasibility study, metal component design, tool design, prototyping, tool making, production and quality control.

MENONI MANUFACTURING can advise on both the technical issues (construction of objects and complex tools) and on design, resulting in high quality products.

Tooling types

  • Progressive stage press tooling
  • Single stage press tooling
  • Moulds for white metal and brass casting

Progressive stage tools can incorporate a variety of processes including: cutting, bending, printing, punching and blanking.

Progressive stage tools are modular; MENONI MANUFACTURING’s experience enables the customer to derive maximum return from the tool including:

  • Design variations from the same tool
  • Optimum tool life and productivity
  • Minimal process waste

Wire Forming Service

MENONI MANUFACTURING have the ability and expertise to design and produce wire components without the need for expensive tooling or production equipment thereby providing a real economic advantage to the customer.

MENONI MANUFACTURING also specialise in the production of screw-thread components thanks to an innovative system of it’s own design. Production facilities are extremely flexible and allow for both large and small runs.


MENONI MANUFACTURING has a wealth of experience in plating.
A wide range of nickel free colours and finishes are available to suit a variety of products and metallic materials.
Plating finishes can be customised to meet specific requirements, both technical and design.

Main services offered

  • Feasibility study
  • Development
  • Production and supply of wire components with or without screw threads

Main services offered

  • Feasibility study of component to be treated
  • Proposal of the best solution for the product
  • Catalogue of 16 colors / shades with different thicknesses
  • Creating colours / hues customized to meet specific client needs
  • Plating service


MENONI MANUFACTURING can personalise products both of it’s own manufacture and/or supplied by third parties.

For products manufactured using MENONI MANUFACTURING tooling, it may be possible to incorporate text or a pictogram during the final shearing stage.
Personalised components may be produced as castings.
The majority of components can be personalised using laser engraving.

Main services offered

Laser engraving of finished or semi-finished components

Markings integrated within a progressive stage tool

Component casting service